Expert Tips for Keeping Your Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine Running Smoothly

Expert Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine Maintenance by Branch Automotive in Littleton, CO. Image of a silver Ford truck ready for top-tier service and maintenance.

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine Running Smoothly

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine Running Smoothly

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine Running Smoothly

Welcome to Branch Automotive in Littleton, CO, where our team of ASE-certified technicians is dedicated to helping you maintain your Ford Powerstroke diesel engine for optimal performance and longevity. With our expertise and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we provide top-tier service and practical tips to ensure your Powerstroke engine stays in peak condition. Here’s a detailed guide to maintaining your Ford Powerstroke, including essential care and maintenance tips.

Understanding Your Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine

Ford’s Powerstroke diesel engines are known for their robust performance and reliability. However, regular maintenance is crucial to keep these engines running efficiently. At Branch Automotive, we specialize in servicing these powerful engines, using only original equipment parts and following strict maintenance schedules to avoid potential issues.

Regular Oil Changes

Why Regular Changes Matter: Changing the engine oil every 5,000 miles is critical for the health of your Powerstroke diesel engine. Regular oil changes ensure proper lubrication and protection of engine components, reducing wear and preventing costly repairs.

Proper Fuel Use and Filtration

Choosing the Right Fuel and Filters: Using high-quality diesel fuel and OEM filters is essential for maintaining fuel system integrity. Avoid aftermarket filters, as they may not provide the same level of protection and can lead to issues down the line.

Periodic System Checks

Importance of Regular Inspections: Periodic checks of the cooling system, brakes, transmission, and especially the exhaust aftertreatment system are vital. The Powerstroke’s aftertreatment system is sensitive and requires careful attention to prevent damage.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Ford Powerstroke Engines

Crankcase Ventilation Filter Maintenance

Preventing Pressure Issues: The Ford 6.7 Powerstroke engine, while robust, does not have a maintenance interval set by Ford for the crankcase ventilation (CCV) filter. Over time, around 60,000 miles, the CCV filter can become clogged, leading to excessive crankcase pressurization and subsequent oil leaks. Regularly changing the CCV filter can prevent these issues and save thousands in potential repairs.

Responding to Engine Warnings

Dealing with Check Engine Lights: Any warning message or check engine light should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage. These warnings can indicate various issues, from minor sensors to critical engine problems.

Exhaust Aftertreatment System Care

Handling with Care: Although the Powerstroke’s exhaust aftertreatment system is robust, it does not tolerate abuse well. Regular checks and proper maintenance are necessary to ensure it functions correctly.

Why Choose Branch Automotive for Your Powerstroke Maintenance?

Specialized Expertise

Certified Diesel Specialists: Our technicians have specific training and certifications in handling Ford Powerstroke engines. We use advanced diagnostic equipment, including chassis dynamometers, to accurately diagnose and resolve any issues.

Commitment to Quality

NAPA Auto Care Center: As a NAPA Auto Care Center, Branch Automotive adheres to a high standard of quality and service, ensuring that all parts and labor are backed by a nationwide warranty.

Tailored Maintenance Schedules

Customized Service Plans: We understand the unique needs of Ford Powerstroke diesel engines and offer customized maintenance schedules based on your vehicle’s usage, operating conditions, and manufacturer recommendations.

Schedule Your Powerstroke Diesel Engine Service inn Littleton, CO

Don’t let minor issues turn into major complications. If you’re in Littleton, CO, and need expert maintenance for your Ford Powerstroke diesel engine, contact Branch Automotive today. Call us at (303) 771-2224 or visit our shop at 6030 E County Line Road to schedule an appointment. Our team is here to provide the professional care your Powerstroke engine needs to continue delivering the performance and reliability you expect.

At Branch Automotive, we believe in better industry standards and ensuring a better life for our customers by providing exceptional service and expertise. Trust us with your Powerstroke maintenance needs and experience the difference professional care makes.