Brake Repair in Littleton, CO

Your brakes are your vehicle’s primary safety feature. You need your vehicle to stop.

If you doubt the expenses of ignoring your brakes, look at the individual parts. If you change the brake pads, you could save the rotors. Letting the pads grind for a few days scores the rotor enough to have to replace it. Continue ignoring them could damage the calipers.

When you need brake repair, contact Branch Automotive in Littleton, CO. Our mechanics can get you back on the road in no time.

Signs of Bad Brakes

If you have a habit of cranking up the tunes, you might never hear the first signs of bad brakes. Brake pads have a piece of metal that is shorter than the height of the brake pads.

Once the pads get lower than that piece of metal, the metal rubs on the rotors and makes a squeaking noise. This lets you know that you need to change the brakes.

If you don’t do the change, the pads will continue to wear down. When you hear grinding, the backing plate rubs against the rotor.

While you might have scored the rotor a bit with the little piece of metal, that can sometimes be turned out. However, if you hear grinding, you’ve ruined the rotors, especially if a mechanic previously turned them.

If you continue to ignore the problem, you could over-extend the calipers.

Other signs you need brake repair or brake services include:

Closeup image of a brake rotor and caliper under brake repair at Branch Automotive.
  • The emergency brake handle or pedal pulls or pushes more than halfway or does not hold the vehicle.
  • The brake pedal seems to go lower to the floor than normal when trying to stop.
  • The brake pedal feels “mushy.”
  • The brake pedal pulsates when braking.
  • The steering wheel shakes when braking.
  • The ABS light is on.
  • The brake light is on.
  • The vehicle takes longer to come to a stop.

If you notice any of these symptoms or hear the brakes squealing, contact Branch Automotive in Littleton, CO for brake repair and services as soon as possible.

Brake Components

The brake pads, calipers, and rotors are not the only parts of the brake system that might need replacing. The vehicle has a master cylinder, which holds the brake fluid and forces it through the brake lines.

The automatic braking system (ABS) controls the brakes, preventing a tire from locking up.

If you come to a sudden stop and one of the brakes locks up, it could cause you to slide out of control. The ABS releases the brake and reapplies it quicker than you could with your foot. When it releases the tire, it allows the tire to turn again, helping you control the vehicle.

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