Cummins Diesel Repair

When you need a Cummins diesel repair specialist, Branch Automotive in Littleton, CO is where you need to go. We provide repair services for Cummins, Dodge, RAM, and diesel-powered vehicles with 5.9-liter or 6.7-liter engines. 

Our diesel technicians are all ASE Certified and trained in using diagnostic tools for the Cummins engine. You can reach us by calling (303) 771-2224. We are located at 6030 East County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126-3919.

Cummins Engines We Service in Littleton, CO

Branch Automotive services Dodge 2500, Dodge 3500, Dodge 4500, Dodge 5500, RAM 1500 Eco Diesel, RAM 2500, RAM 3500, and RAM 4500 series diesel pickup trucks.

Some of the common issues we have found when working on Cummins engines include:

  • The “Perform Service” message displays when you first start the truck. This message warns you when it’s time for emissions service, including replacing the closed crankcase ventilation filter and cleaning or replacing the EGR cooler and/or EGR valve.
  • The check engine light comes on. This happens when the computer detects an anomaly and cannot correct it. The check engine light usually lights up for many issues (including other issues on this list.)
  • Turbocharger issues (including the turbo actuator)
  • NOX sensors
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) sensors and heaters
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) issues
  • Fuel pressure sensor issues
  • Electronic throttle control (ETC) issues
  • Intake air heater problems
  • Service emissions system message
  • Fuel injection system failure
  • Fuel system contamination
  • Overheating
  • Engine cooling system performance issues
Image of a Branch Automotive diesel repair mechanic working on a vehicle with a Cummins engine. Concept of Branch Automotive's diesel repair and other services.

Diesel Repair Services We Do in Littleton, CO

Not a comprehensive list of everything we can repair, but it covers the most common issues we deal with:

  • Engine repair and replacement. Diesel engines can get hundreds of thousands of miles on them if the owner maintains them properly. If not, you might be staring in the face of an engine replacement sooner.
  • Transmission repair and replacement. As with engines, transmissions need preventative maintenance to put off costly repairs or replacements. When you flush the transmission fluid and change the filter as recommended by the manufacturer, the transmission can last longer.
  • Oil leaks
  • Head gaskets
  • EGR systems
  • DEF systems DPF repairs
  • Steering and suspension issues
  • Coolant leaks
  • Axle shafts
  • Differentials
  • Fuel system issues, including the injection pump
  • Air conditioning issues
  • Power steering fluid leaks
  • Hydro booster issues
  • Cooler issues. We recommend performing a Stack Clean when the coolers become visibly dirty to keep the coolers free from debris, which allows the engine to run cooler. You’ll notice an increase in cooling system performance, especially if you haven’t cleaned any of the coolers in front of the engine in years.

Contact Branch Automotive for Cummins Diesel Service in Littleton, CO

When you need preventative maintenance and diesel repair services, contact us for an appointment or direct the tow truck to drop your vehicle off at our shop.

You can call us at (303) 771-2224 or visit us at 6030 East County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126-3919.