Alignments in Littleton, CO

Keeping the tires aligned ensures they last longer. Misaligned tires will wear unevenly. Sometimes, a vehicle needs to be realigned because you have hit a pothole or a curb, which knocked the alignment out. And other times, part of the suspension or steering might be worn or broken. 

The automotive technicians at Branch Automotive in Littleton, CO can put your vehicle on an alignment rack, locate the problem, and realign the tires. Contact us at (303) 771-2224. Or drop by our shop at 6030 E County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126.

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Signs Your Tires Need a Wheel Alignment

If the tires are slightly misaligned, you might not notice any signs until the tires start wearing.

It’s a good idea to check the vehicle’s tires at least once per month. If you notice any uneven wear, contact us in Littleton, CO before the tires wear too much.

Signs you might need a diesel repair specialist for alignments include:

  • The vehicle pulls to one side as you are driving down the road.
  • The steering wheel is no longer centered.
  • The tires wear unevenly.

While uneven tire wear can be caused by misalignment, it can also be due to incorrect tire pressure, suspension problem, or your vehicle skidding for a long distance. Thus, you need to inspect tires thoroughly if an alignment problem indeed causes it. 

Fortunately, our mechanics can check your wheel’s alignment and suspension parts and recommend the best course of corrective action.

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A vehicle undergoing wheel alignment

Tire Rotation in Littleton, CO

Part of keeping your tires in good condition and making them last longer is rotating the tires and making sure they are appropriately balanced. You should rotate the tires each time you have them aligned.

We also recommend rotating and balancing the tires at every oil change or at most every 10,000 miles. Rotating the tires keeps any one tire from wearing out faster than the others. It also allows us to catch alignment issues before they do too much damage.

Contact the Diesel Repair Specialists at Branch Automotive

If you notice that the tires on your vehicle are wearing unevenly, immediately call us at (303) 771-2224 for an appointment. We also recommend that you rotate the tires after aligning them. Our auto repair shop is conveniently located at 6030 East County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126-3919.

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