Due to safety hazards, we cannot test vehicles with studded snow tires.

Diesel Emissions Testing in Littleton, CO

Certain counties in Colorado, including Arapahoe and Douglas Counties, require vehicles to have a diesel emissions test to be registered. Diesel vehicles that are less than four years old and purchased in the diesel emission program area are exempt from testing for four years. Once a vehicle is four years old it will require a diesel emissions test every two years. Once a diesel-powered vehicle is ten years old it will require a diesel emissions test every year.

If you need diesel emissions testing, contact Branch Automotive at (303) 771-2224 for an appointment. We are conveniently located at 6030 East County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126-3919

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Diesel Emissions Test Pricing and Appointments

While drop-offs may be accommodated, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment with us for diesel emissions testing.

  •   Light duty diesel emissions testing: $70

  •   Medium duty diesel emissions testing (14,001+ lbs): $85 

  •   All-wheel drive diesel emissions testing: $100

Tips for Passing the Emissions Testing in Littleton, CO

If your vehicle didn’t pass emissions, you might need to repair it. In certain circumstances, you could apply for a waiver. Your vehicle must be tested and fail before making any repair attempts that might qualify it for an emissions test waiver. 

Branch Automotive provides emissions testing and diesel repair services. If your vehicle fails the test, a diesel repair specialist can check your vehicle and advise regarding correcting the problem.

Image of a diesel mechanic working on a vehicle. Concept image of Branch Automotive's services, including brake repair, diesel emissions testing, and steering and suspension services.

You can increase the likelihood of passing emissions testing in Littleton, CO by following these tips:

  • Warm-up your vehicle before arriving. You might want to do some errands before your testing appointment if you live just five minutes away. When a vehicle is not at normal operating temperature, the emissions will read high. Drive it for at least 15 minutes at highway speed—or longer if you are driving on surface streets—before your testing appointment..  
  • Make sure the exhaust system does not have any leaks. If it does, your vehicle may not be able to be tested.
  • If your vehicle is missing emissions control equipment, it will not pass.
OR CALL (303) 771-2224

Contact Branch Automotive for Diesel Emissions Testing

If you need to test your diesel engine, Branch Automotive is your go-to location in Littleton, CO. Call us at (303) 771-2224 for an appointment. If you doubt your vehicle will pass the testing, contact our diesel repair specialists before testing. Our auto repair shop is located at 6030 E County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126.