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A vehicle’s electrical system provides power to anything that runs on electricity. It includes a battery, alternator, and wiring. Any disconnect or malfunction can stall your vehicle or cause other problems.

The current flows from the battery to the component that requires power and back to the battery through something that grounds it (usually the vehicle’s metal body or frame). 

Current is measured in amperes. In house wiring, amperes and voltages (the measure of electromotive force) lead to wattage. 

The system uses one more measurement: ohms. It measures the amount of resistance as the electricity flows through the wires.

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Components of a Vehicle's Electrical System

The electrical components of a vehicle include:

The Battery

A vehicle’s battery is the storage for electricity. It distributes electricity where you need it (such as when you turn the lights on or power the ignition). It also powers the starter, though the starter has a separate connection to the battery.

When you request current (such as when turning the lights on at night), the electricity leaves the battery via the positive terminal and returns via the negative terminal. The electricity flows through the wiring in the car—about 22 miles worth of wiring, depending on the vehicle.

Most vehicle batteries are rated at 12 volts. When the vehicle runs and the alternator is charging correctly, the battery voltage should read 12.5 to 14.5 volts, even in winter.

A 12-volt rated battery can have from 200 to 1,000 cold cranking amps. The amount of cold cranking amps depends on the battery’s and vehicle’s sizes.

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The Alternator

The alternator generates electricity that’s to be stored in the battery. It cannot keep the battery charged if it does not produce enough electricity. An alternator can malfunction in several ways, including brushes and other internal parts, a loose serpentine belt, or a problem with the pulley.

The battery and alternator work together. If the battery doesn’t hold amps, the alternator could work too hard and fail. Generally, electricity production never stops, so the alternator could overheat and burn itself out.

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Contact us immediately If you believe your vehicle needs electrical repair and services, especially before the battery damages the alternator. The diesel repair specialists at Branch Automotive in Littleton, CO can check the battery and alternator to determine whether the battery is bad or the alternator is not producing enough electricity.

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