Preparing Your Diesel Truck for Warmer Weather

Driver suffers from heat in vehicle holding hand at air conditioning system cooling grid.

Preparing Your Diesel Truck for Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Diesel Truck for Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Diesel Truck for Warmer Weather

Every diesel owner understands the importance of preparing your truck for winter in Littleton CO and Highlands Ranch CO. But what about the spring and summer? Just as you take proactive diesel truck maintenance steps for cold weather, you should do the same for warmer weather.

Winter inspections and maintenance are two ways to maximize your ROI and ensure your diesel engine delivers top performance. Unfortunately, many manufacturer service manuals only suggest the minimum, bare-bones approach. But at Branch Automotive, we believe in offering your diesel truck extra love and maintenance to bolster performance and longevity. Let’s explore a few of the top warm-weather diesel maintenance tips you can use to do just that. And if you need diesel truck maintenance in Littleton CO or Highlands Ranch CO, don’t hesitate to contact Branch Automotive.

Cooling System Services

Now that winter has ended, it’s the perfect time to have cooling system services performed. Simply put, your radiator and antifreeze/coolant have been extremely busy in the last few months in Highlands Ranch CO and Littleton CO. Coolant is the barrier between you and your engine overheating in summer’s blazing temperatures. Proper coolant levels are paramount to ensuring your diesel truck doesn’t overheat.

In addition to coolant levels, you should also consider scheduling a coolant flush or exchange. If your coolant hasn’t been replaced, it has probably become unbalanced. Unbalanced coolant is significantly less effective, which could leave your engine and radiator unprotected. The best action is to schedule an inspection and cooling system services before temperatures climb.

Auto Air Conditioning Service

When winter ends in Littleton CO and Highlands Ranch CO, it may warm up a little — but not nearly high enough to warrant your auto air conditioning system. Unfortunately, most drivers in the area fail to consider the auto air conditioning system until it’s close to 100 degrees in Littleton CO and Highlands Ranch CO.

However, performing standard diesel truck maintenance inspections is a great way to ensure every system, including the auto air conditioning system, works properly. In most instances, when you catch a minor auto air conditioning problem early, it will be much more cost-effective to repair than allowing it to snowball into a more expensive affair.

Brake & Tire Service

During the winter, drivers in Littleton CO and Highlands Ranch CO swap standard tires for specialized snow tires. But before you change to warm-weather tires, it’s a perfect time to have a tire and bake inspection. A brake inspection is important because this system has weathered all of the grime, dirt, road salt, and moisture winter. If any parts are worn and need replacement, it’s best to do so proactively. The last thing you want to deal with is compromised stopping ability when towing large or heavy loads.

Filter Service

While servicing your filters throughout the year is suggested, it’s especially cricial to proactively change them during the spring and summer maintenance. If your air filter is full of debris, your engine can be suffocated into less efficient and much more expensive issues. Considering the importance of your diesel truck’s filters, it’s best to have this service, along with others, performed by an experienced diesel mechanic. An improperly installed filter can cause damage to your engine by sending air into the fuel system. The best solution is to have diesel truck maintenance performed right by the experts at Branch Automotive.

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