When to Know It’s Time for Brake Repair or Service

When to Know It's Time for Brake Repair or Service. Car mechanic repair service change car disc brake pads from old brakes to new brakes.

When to Know It’s Time for Brake Repair or Service

When to Know It’s Time for Brake Repair or Service

When to Know It’s Time for Brake Repair or Service

Today’s vehicles come loaded with advanced safety features like Lane Keep Assist, Pedestrian Detections, Blind Spot Monitoring, and a host of other state-of-the-art innovations. Although these features are helpful, they all pale in comparison to your brakes.

Undoubtedly, your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature. Yet, many Littleton CO drivers pay them little to no mind until there is a problem. Fortunately, your vehicle will usually offer you several warning signs and indicators when it needs brake repairs or brake services in Littleton CO. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common signs your vehicle needs brake services. And if you can identify any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to the mechanic at Branch Automotive in Littleton CO for brake repairs. 

The Vehicle Doesn’t Brake Like It Used To

The amount of time it takes your vehicle to stop can vary based on the condition of your tires, the size of your vehicle, the road surface, how hard you press the brake pedal, and other factors. However, if your vehicle isn’t stopping or slowing like it used to, your brakes may need brake services. 

When it comes to reduced braking power, the most obvious culprits are your brake pads or brake fluid. In either case, the worst thing you can do is ignore the issue. Simply put, it will not go away — it will only get worse and increase the likelihood of total brake failure in Littleton CO. 

The Vehicle Pulls to One Side in Littleton CO

When driving on a straight road, your vehicle should remain relatively centered in the lane with minimal steering input from you. If you notice it’s pulling to the left or right as you are driving or braking, it could be multiple culprits. It may be:

  • Bad alignment, 
  • Unbalanced tires, or 
  • Suspension problems. 

If the problem occurs when braking, it’s most likely a: 

  • Collapsed brake hose
  • Uneven brake pad
  • Stuck caliper

Squealing, Squeaking, and Grinding Noise Coming from Brakes in Littleton CO

When your brake pads are near the end of their useful life, one of the first signs will be a squealing or squeaking noise. These are common symptoms of worn-down brake pads. And once you wear the brake pads down enough, they will start to make a menacing grinding nose. If you hear grinding, you should visit Branch Automotive in Littleton CO as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in you damaging your rotors, which is exponentially more expensive. 

Your Dashboard Indicator Light Is Illuminated in Littleton CO

While your vehicle can’t talk, it can communicate with you through dashboard indicator lights. Most vehicles have two brake warning lights:

  • Antilock Braking System (ABS) light
  • Brake system warning light, which is the light that comes on whenever your parking brake is engaged

If you notice these lights, you should visit Branch Automotive for brake services. As with most issues, ignoring it and continuing to drive can cause more expensive damage. 

Are Those Good or Bad Vibrations? 

Do you feel the vibrations? Anytime you feel vibrations in your car, steering wheel, or brake pedal, it’s never a good thing. Certain braking issues can cause pulsing and vibrations throughout your brake pedal and/or steering wheel.

Most often, these vibrations are caused by warped brake rotors. In emergency situations where you must immediately stop, the anti-lock brakes will quickly deliver pulsing grabs on the rotors to help your vehicle decelerate. However, when you have warped rotors, you may feel these vibrations in your steering wheel or brake pedal.

Contact Branch Automotive for Brake Repairs and Brake Services in Littleton CO

If your brakes demonstrate any of the previously mentioned signs, don’t wait until the condition worsens. Simply put, your brake issues will not repair themselves. Instead, the diesel experts at Branch Automotive in Littleton CO can help. As your local diesel repair specialists, we specialize in performing diesel repairs on Cummins engines, Duramax diesel engines, Powerstroke diesel engines, and more. 

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