4 Signs You Need Diesel Repair Service

4 Signs You Need Diesel Repair Service | Branch Automotive , Littleton CO. Closeup image of a Ford diesel engine under the hood.

4 Signs You Need Diesel Repair Service

4 Signs You Need Diesel Repair Service

4 Signs You Need Diesel Repair Service

Although not everyone knows it, diesel engines beat gasoline engines in most efficiency and performance measures. And that’s not their only benefit—they tend to need less-frequent maintenance.  

However, when your diesel engine needs maintenance and repair, you can’t take it to any mechanic here in Littleton, CO. You need the diesel specialists at Branch Automotive to be in your corner. We have the tools and knowledge to carry out a variety of services your diesel vehicle might need. 

But how do you know your diesel vehicle needs servicing? We’ve outlined the four key signs.

1. Do You Have Problems Starting Your Diesel Engine?

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines don’t rely on spark plugs. They have high compression pressure and glow plugs or an intake air heater to initiate the combustion cycle. 

If your engine has difficulty starting you could need service of your glow plug system or intake air heater system. Or it could have trouble delivering fuel to the engine. 

Either way, it’s a sign you need to visit our auto repair shop for diesel repair service.

2. Does Your Diesel Engine Produce Unusually Smoky Exhaust?

Even though diesel engines run cleaner than their gasoline-powered counterparts, they still produce exhaust. But if you see black, blue, or white smoke from your tailpipe, you most likely need to repair your engine. 

In most instances, an unusually smoky exhaust indicates your fuel is being contaminated by oil or coolant or is not properly injecting fuel from your diesel fuel injectors. Nonetheless, it always means you need your engine serviced right away.

3. Do You Have A Knocking Engine?

Although diesel engines aren’t silent, there are some noises they shouldn’t make unless there’s a problem. Knocking is just such a sound. If you hear your engine knocking, it may indicate a problem with your fuel injectors or a base mechanical problem with your diesel engine. If this happens, make an appointment with Branch Automotive right away.

4. Do You Have a Rough-Running Engine?

Diesel engines are well-known for smooth running when they’re new. But with age, they may begin to run a little rough for various reasons. 

A faulty glow plug can cause it. So can a worn-out fuel injector. In fact, there’s a near-endless list of possible reasons for a rough-running engine. 

Luckily, they all have the same solution—bringing your vehicle for servicing by a diesel repair specialist.

Contact Branch Automotive for Diesel Repair Service in Littleton, CO

At the end of the day, diesel engines come with a long list of advantages. And you can extend these advantages by having regular service and maintenance done to them. 

Even then, no diesel engine will run trouble-free forever. The good news is that if you learn the signs of trouble, you’ll be best positioned to prevent a molehill from turning into a mountain. 

The diesel repair specialists at Branch Automotive can help. We specialize in offering fast and efficient diesel engine repair service. We work on virtually all domestic diesel-powered vehicles and offer affordable diesel repair services.

Call us at (303) 771-2224, or visit our diesel repair shop at 6030 East County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126.