Can Diesel Emissions Testing & Repair Help with Fuel Efficiency?

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Can Diesel Emissions Testing & Repair Help with Fuel Efficiency?

Can Diesel Emissions Testing & Repair Help with Fuel Efficiency?

Can Diesel Emissions Testing & Repair Help with Fuel Efficiency?

In general, diesel engines are much more fuel-efficient than gas vehicles — even if your diesel has high compression ratios. Because diesel is more energy-dense than gas, it’s not uncommon for a diesel vehicle to deliver 50 MPG or more. Even so, it’s imperative for you to maximize your diesel fuel efficiency.

While you can stop revving your engine and change other driving habits, one often overlooked way to maximize diesel efficiency is with diesel emissions testing and diesel emissions repair. Let’s take a closer look at how diesel emissions testing and diesel emissions repair can help bolster your fuel efficiency.

What’s the Relationship Between Diesel Emissions and Fuel Efficiency?

Diesel emissions can have a significant impact on fuel efficiency in diesel engines. In general, the higher your diesel emissions, the lower your fuel efficiency will be. There are two major reasons why.

Increased Diesel Emissions Can Create Extra Resistance

One specific way diesel emissions can negatively impact fuel efficiency is by creating additional backpressure in the engine. When exhaust gases can’t freely flow out of your engine, extra resistance or back pressure is created in the system. This causes your engine to work harder to expel exhaust gases, which reduces your power output and increases the consumption of fuel.

Diesel Emissions Can Reduce Your Engines Combustion Efficiency

Diesel emissions can also impact fuel efficiency by reducing the engine’s combustion efficiency. When the fuel in your diesel is not efficiently burned, you’re left with incomplete combustion. It also results in the release of more pollutants into the environment. In either case, reduced combustion efficiency can cause your fuel efficiency to drop because your engine can’t get the maximum amount of energy from the fuel.

What Are the Signs You Need Diesel Emissions Repair?

Although your vehicle can’t talk, it can communicate with you. And there are several signs that your vehicle may need diesel emissions repair. As we’ve previously mentioned, the first sign is reduced fuel efficiency or increased fuel consumption. An engine that releases more pollutants can require more fuel to compensate for the reduced power output, which can cause your fuel efficiency to drop. In addition to reduced fuel efficiency, other signs you may need diesel emissions repair include the following:

  1. The Check Engine Light: One of the most common signs your vehicle needs attention is an illuminated Check Engine Light. While this dashboard indicator can mean many things, it may be triggered by a problem with the emissions control system. A diagnostic scan can help identify the specific issue.
  2. Reduced Engine Performance: If you notice your truck doesn’t have the same get-up-and-go, it could be caused by a diesel emissions problem. This could be due to a clogged DPF, faulty EGR valve, or other issues.
  3. A Lot of Exhaust Smoke: If your truck is creating more exhaust smoke than normal, you should be alarmed. A problem with the emissions control system could cause your truck to emit more, darker, or thicker smoke than usual.
  4. Failed Emissions Test: Undoubtedly, the most obvious sign you have a problem with your diesel emissions is if it fails the test.

How Can Diesel Emissions Testing Help with Fuel Efficiency?

Diesel emissions testing can indirectly help with fuel efficiency by identifying any issues or inefficiencies in the combustion process that may contribute to excessive emissions. By detecting and addressing these issues, your engine can operate more efficiently, which can result in improved fuel efficiency.

Diesel Emissions Testing Can Detect Incomplete Fuel Combustion

For instance, diesel emissions testing can determine if your engine isn’t completely burning diesel fuel. When this occurs, your truck will emit extra emissions that can include:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Particulate matter

Fortunately, when Branch Automotive remedies the issue, we can adjust the fuel injection timing or optimize the air-to-fuel ratio to improve the combustion process and improve fuel efficiency.

Diesel Emissions Testing Can Identify Problems with Engine Parts

Having a diesel emissions test can also determine if there are problems with other key engine parts, such as:

  • Turbochargers
  • Fuel injectors
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

Problems with any of these engine components can cause your fuel consumption to increase. Fortunately, when we repair the issue, your diesel truck can consume less fuel and return to more efficient operation.

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