Which Diesel Engine Services Are the Most Important?

Details of Diesel Engine for pick up truck.

Which Diesel Engine Services Are the Most Important?

Which Diesel Engine Services Are the Most Important?

Which Diesel Engine Services Are the Most Important?

Your diesel truck is an ultra-reliable and powerful piece of machinery — when you care for it with the right diesel engine services. Having regular diesel engine services can do wonders for your vehicle. In fact, the right diesel engine services can turn back the hands of time on an old diesel truck to help it compete with brand-new trucks.

At Branch Automotive, customers often ask, “Which diesel engine services are the most important for my vehicle?” While everyone’s vehicle may be different, the most important diesel engine repair service is the one your vehicle needs! Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common and important diesel engine services you should have in Littleton CO. Need diesel engine repair service in Littleton CO now? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert team of mechanics at Branch Automotive in Littleton CO.

Oil Change Diesel Engine Services in Littleton CO

You should have an oil change on your diesel engine every 5,000 miles or whatever interval the manufacturer suggests. Depending on your driving habits and the age of your truck, you may need to modify or shorten the interval. Fortunately, the experts at Branch Automotive in Littleton CO can help.

We often suggest drivers change the oil more often if you use your diesel truck for towing or hard driving. In either case, the oil is vital for keeping engine parts lubricated, clean, and from overheating.

More so, you should always ensure your diesel mechanic is using the type of oil suggested by the manufacturer and based on your driving habits. In either case, an oil change is the most common diesel engine service you should have performed.

Replace Your Air Filter and Fuel Filters

Your diesel truck uses a number of filters to protect it. Air and fuel filters help feed your combustion chamber with clean, particle-free, and debris-free air and fuel. These contaminants can negatively impact your combustion process. As such, it is imperative for your filters to remain clean and in optimal condition. Anytime you bring your vehicle to Branch Automotive for diesel engine services or diesel engine repair services, our mechanic will always inspect, clean, and/or replace your fuel and air filters.

How Often Should I Replace Fuel Filters?

As a key part of scheduled maintenance, most fuel filters should be replaced anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Most newer diesel engines will have two fuel filters:

  • A main fuel filter
  • A secondary fuel filter

How Often Should I Schedule Air Filter Service?

Your air filters should be inspected, tested, and replaced as needed. In either case, you should monitor your diesel’s air filter to protect it from damage.

Coolant Monitoring in Littleton CO

Another important diesel engine service is coolant monitoring. Failure to pay special attention to the coolant can allow it to become too acidic and rot out key components, such as the radiator. Instead, it’s best to have your vehicle and coolant continuously tested and monitored. If the acidity levels are too high, you should schedule a coolant flush diesel engine repair service. Doing so can protect your vehicle and prevent more expensive repairs in Littleton CO.

Fuel Bleeding is an Important Diesel Engine Repair Service

Anytime you replace the fuel filter, air can get trapped inside the fuel system. When this happens, it can hinder and hamper the performance of your engine. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by only having diesel engine service performed by an experienced diesel engine mechanic in Littleton CO.

At Branch Automotive, we will always prime the fuel system to ensure no air remains. While this is second nature for our mechanics in Littleton CO, inexperienced diesel mechanics often overlook this step, which can lead to more expensive repairs.

Contact Branch Automotive for Diesel Engine Repair Service in Littleton CO

As the owner of a diesel truck, the most important step is to have regular preventative maintenance and diesel engine services. However, finding a reliable diesel mechanic in Littleton CO can be difficult. Fortunately, the experts at Branch Automotive specialize in diesel automotive repair and maintenance for all models, including:

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