Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger: What You Need to Know

Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Turbocharger

Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger: What You Need to Know

Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger: What You Need to Know

Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger: What You Need to Know

In the world of diesel engines, the Ford Powerstroke Diesel engine sits near the top of the mountain. This exceptional piece of engineering offers several advantages you can rely upon. Boasting excellent engine efficiency, reliability, and power, the Powerstroke diesel engine makes it easy to go from work to play and back to work.

Simply put, the Ford Powerstroke diesel engine can do it all. While this engine is a modern marvel, it has problems like every other vehicle. And many of the most common reasons for diesel repair have to do with the Powerstroke diesel engine’s turbocharger. Let’s explore the turbocharger and some of the most common diesel repair issues.

How Does the Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine Turbocharger Work?

Any Ford turbocharger will have two primary sections:

  1. The turbine and
  2. The compressor

The Turbine of the Turbocharger

The turbine is comprised of the turbine housing and the turbine wheel. The primary job of the turbine housing is to send exhaust gas into the turbine wheel. The energy from the exhaust gas powers the turbine wheel, and then the gas leaves the turbine housing through an area called the exhaust outlet.

The Compressor of the Turbocharger

The compressor of the turbocharger is comprised of two parts: the compressor wheel and the compressor housing. However, the compressor works oppositely to the turbine. Attached to the turbine by a forged shaft wheel, the turbine turns the compressor wheel. When this happens, the air is drawn in and compressed by the high-velocity spinning. This low-pressure, high-velocity air stream is converted by the compressor housing into a low-velocity, high-pressure stream of air through a process called diffusion. The compressed air is sent through the engine, which allows it to produce more power by burning more fuel.

Why Do Turbochargers Fail & Need Diesel Repair?

There are several reasons your Powerstroke diesel engine may need diesel repair. Here are some of the most common causes of turbocharger repair.

  1. Carbon deposits: Over time, the turbocharger in your Ford Powerstroke diesel can accumulate carbon, which causes heat spots on the turbo, leading to turbo housing cracks. At the same time, the buildup of carbon can cause your impeller shaft bearing to fail.
  2. Bad lubrication: A poorly lubricated engine causes poor oil circulation and sludge buildup, which can lead to oil feed passage blockages. As a result, your oil bearing and seal can fail, causing the ultimate destruction of your turbocharger.
  3. Blocked catalytic converter. A blocked catalytic converter can increase back pressure to disrupt the turbocharger.
  4. Bad driving habits: Did you know the way you drive is directly related to the life of your turbocharger and Powerstroke diesel engine? On average, the Powerstroke diesel engine turbocharger should last 150,000 miles, at a minimum, before needing diesel repair. However, if you rev hard and do not allow your turbocharger to spool down after loading heavily, it can expedite the wear on seals, bearings, and impeller shaft areas. This can lead to expedited diesel repair.
  5. Ruptured intercoolers and pipes. Because every part in your engine is interconnected, the failure of one can impact another. And as parts wear down, breather hoses, broken oil feed pipes, boost pipes or bad intercoolers can all lead to the loss of engine performance and cause your turbocharger to fail. The best course of action is to proactively inspect these components and quickly replace them as suggested by your diesel mechanic in Highlands Ranch CO and Littleton CO.

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