How Do I Fix My Ford Wrench Light?

Wrench light on Ford

How Do I Fix My Ford Wrench Light?

How Do I Fix My Ford Wrench Light?

How Do I Fix My Ford Wrench Light?

Whether you drive a Ford F-150, F-250, or another model, you should pay attention to any dashboard warning. One of the most critical warnings on Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs is the Ford Wrench Light. If your Ford Wrench Light is triggered, you should have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. 

Opting to ignore the Ford Wrench Light or any other indicator light can put you on the fast lane for more expensive repairs. Instead, it’s imperative to have a full inspection performed on your vehicle by the experts at Branch Automotive in Littleton CO. Let’s take a closer look at the Ford Wrench Light and what you can do to fix it. 

What Is a Ford Wrench Light? 

The Ford Wrench Light is how your vehicle lets you know that something is awry. Whenever the Ford Wrench Light illuminates, it indicates your computer has detected an issue with your vehicle’s four-wheel-drive system or powertrain. If you notice this indicator light, it’s best to have your vehicle inspected by the experts at Branch Automotive in Littleton CO. 

The Ford Wrench Light can also limit your vehicle’s performance if it detects an issue with the transmission or engine. A few common triggers of this indicator light include: 

Is There a Difference Between the Ford Wrench Light and Check Engine Light?

While the Ford Wrench Light and Check Engine Light are similar, they have distinct differences. For starters, the Check Engine Light is on every vehicle. This indicator is a component of the standard On-Board Diagnostics (OBD System). In contrast, the Ford Wrench Light is an indicator you will only find on Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs. Ford engineers and designers created the wrench light as a dynamic warning system. 

Common Triggers for the Ford Wrench Light

There are several potential causes for an illuminated Ford Wrench Light:

  • Transmission issues can trigger the Ford Wrench Light. Your Power Control Module (PCM) and Engine Control Module (ECM) detect a fault in the transmission and can often trigger the light and trouble codes. 
  • Battery problems in Littleton CO can trigger the warning indicator. If your Ford has a dead or weak battery, it can cause this indicator light to illuminate. 
  • Even the tiniest wiring kit damage can lead to a warning code and illuminated Ford Wrench Light
  • Issues with the carburetor, one of your vehicle’s most important components, can trigger the warning light.
  • If your vehicle needs an oil change, it causes the Ford Wrench Light to trigger. 
  • An accumulation of carbon in the Electronic Throttle Body (ETB) can negatively impact the throttle plate and alignment, which triggers the light. 

Can I Reset My Ford Wrench Light?

Yes. You may be able to reset the Ford Wrench Light on your dashboard. However, this simple trick doesn’t always work. Here are a few simple steps you can take to try to reseat your Ford Wrench Light:

  1. Switch your Ford car, truck, or SUV on while the vehicle is off
  2. Press the accelerator and brake pedal simultaneously and hold for at least 30 seconds. 
  3. Your Ford Wrench Light should be off after 30 seconds. 

Whether this trick works or not, you should have your vehicle inspected at Branch Automotive. 

Contact Branch Automotive to Fix Your Ford Wrench Light in Littleton CO

Due to the number of potential triggers for the Ford Wrench Light, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by the experienced mechanics at Littleton CO. At Branch Automotive, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to pull the trouble codes that may be triggering the light. We will then use our expertise to get down to the underlying cause. Finally, we can suggest and guide you to the most cost-effective solution. 

However, you should never ignore the Ford Wrench Light. Even if the light goes off, it’s still best to have your vehicle inspected to ensure the problem is remedied. Failure to acknowledge the Ford Wrench Light can cause a minor repair to snowball into an exponentially more expensive affair. 

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